Though travellers’ boarding houses have become a popular choice for lodgings among the people who have a love for travelling, all of the travellers’ boarding houses we have in the market are not good places to stay. Some of them are just established to earn an income and not to offer the proper facilities expected from them by the travellers.

While there are such low quality travellers’ boarding houses there are also high standard travellers’ boarding houses such as the Bangkok Thailand hostels we can find in the market. These high standard travellers’ boarding houses come with their own set of special qualities you will never find at a low quality travellers’ boarding house. 

Ladies Dorms 

Usually, a travellers’ boarding house comes with normal dorms where both men and women stay as they are all travellers. However, there are times when ladies feel a little safer or comfortable when they are staying at a dorm which is only for women. However, you will only find this option at a travellers’ boarding house which has the highest standards. All the other travellers’ boarding houses usually only have a normal dorm where everyone has to stay without regarding their gender. 

Private Rooms 

Another special feature you can expect from the high standard Phuket town hostels or travellers’ boarding houses is the availability of private rooms. These are for people who would love to enjoy the facilities offered by a travellers’ boarding house and yet would love to have more privacy for themselves. Such people can easily book a private room at a travellers’ boarding house without staying in a dorms shared by a number of travellers.  

All Day Long Snacks and Breakfast 

Most of the travellers’ boarding houses are only going to provide you with a place to stay and all the other facilities you might need while you are there. However, they are not going to offer you meals too. However, the high standard travellers’ boarding house makes it easier for the travellers by offering them a chance to get all day long snacks and breakfast from them. 

Laundry and Storage Facilities  

Sometimes you would need a safe place to keep your belongings until you come back after travelling. A high standard travellers’ boarding house offers free luggage storage up to two months. They are also more than happy to offer you with laundry facilities. It will be great for you as you will not have to go to other places looking to do your laundry.  

These special features are found at a high standard travellers’ boarding house.